Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quarter Bin Review- “The Savage Dragon” #29

Image Comics, July 1996

Erik Larsen (writer, artist and cover).

Summary- Following her announcement that she's pregnant, a furious Rapture is looking for answers as to why the Dragon moved out of their apartment without warning. She storms across Chicago hunting for Dragon, unaware of the fact that he's seen a video that seem to show her cheating on him with Peter Klaptin. Meanwhile, Wildstar and his friends are wandering the city's sewers when they stumble across Rock's gang of homeless Freaks. Wildstar panics, and knocks Rock unconscious- and as luck would have it, the Dragon has just been ordered to lead a small army of cops in evicting the Freaks from city property. Despite Dragon's reservations, he dutifully takes point, but without Rock's calming influence, things threaten to spiral out of control- especially when Radical digs in his heel and refuses to leave, and officer Howard Niseman and his fellow prejudiced goons are just waiting for an excuse to unload with some hardcore police brutality. And as if things couldn't get more chaotic, the demonic Fiend is waiting in the wings- and it has a plan to consign the Dragon's soul to the depths of hell!

Comments- "Days of Our Lives" subplot aside, this is a another action-packed issue of the best Image book of the 1990s. From cover to cover, Savage Dragon #29 is jam-packed with kick-ass fight scenes, goofy humour, over-the-top violence and a generous helping of T&A (closer to two generous helpings in fact)... hell, there's even a spiffy free poster. Coming from a time when the comic industry was flooded with crap (and more than a fair share of it coming from Image), Savage Dragon was one of the best books around and it absolutely still holds up over a decade later.

Final Rating- 8/10.

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