Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quarter Bin Review- “X-Men Adventures (vol. 1) #6"

(April 1993)

"Northern Exposure"

Ralph Macchio (writer), Andrew Wildman (artist). Cover by Wildman.

Summary- Struggling to deal with his unrequited love for Jean Grey, Wolverine has retreated to the arctic circle to in search of solitude, unaware that he's being stalked by his archenemy Sabretooth. Meanwhile, Gambit, Storm and Jubilee take a trip to Genosha, an island nation that has made headlines by publicly welcoming mutants within its borders. Have the X-Men found a new sanctuary for mutantkind, or is the island of Genosha hiding a sinister secret?

Comments- This isn't a bad comic book per se, but it's certainly an unspectacular one. The script adapts an episode of the X-Men animated series almost verbatim, and it feels as though as little effort as possible was put into the transition to the printed page. Andrew Wildman's pencils are good enough, in an "every artist from 1993 wanted to be Jim Lee" kind of way, but the whole production just feels underwhelming. At times, the story simply doesn't flow, which I suspect is due to the remove of shots from the cartoon's script that made the plot more cohesive. The most egregious example comes from a scene in which Wolverine is half dead and at Sabretooth's mercy, but flip the page and Sabretooth is nowhere to be seen as Wolverine is rescued by a band of Inuit fishermen. For the most part, this is an inoffensive example of all-ages superhero action, and it has aged fairly well in the past decade and a half (other than the inclusion of Jubilee, who possesses the mutant power of being an insufferable early 90s stereotype). Ultimately, X-Men Adventures #6 just isn't that great of a comic book, but if you spot it in a quarter bin somewhere, you could do worse than giving it a read. You're probably better off just watching the cartoon though.

Final Rating- 4/10.

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